content management systems (CMS)

Many companies designate an employee with the job title of ‘web editor’ to add to their status. How you decide upon a CMS to help that employee depends on many factors. To name just a few of the things to think about, ask yourself: How regular are the updates? What needs updating most? Will extra pages need to be added? Will the menu change? Will different sections have different styles? Which technologies (ASP, PHP, MySQL) does your web site use? Which operating system should it support? The answers to these and a variety of other questions will help you decide on the right CMS; there’s over 500 to chose from so it’s no easy task. Some are open source and therefore free, others have a download fee, a few have a monthly usage fee.

dotSquared have enabled in-house updates via several free CMS packages including: Cushy CMS, Typo3, Silver Stripe, DotCMS and Umbraco.

web maintenance

Time is money – we all know that and maybe you feel your time could be far better spent concentrating on your clients rather than updating your web site or you’d simply rather leave it to the professionals. If that’s the case dotSquared can help, whether you simply need a new season’s menu posted on your restaurant’s web site or a weekly news release made available to the viewing media, there’s a maintenance package to suit your needs.


Having dotSquared update your site means its code will stay clean, clutter free and use valid HTML and CSS. It will be optimised for search engines where possible and links will be explored. Something your ‘office manager/web editor’ may be too busy to contend with.

how it works

You decide on how many updates you will need per month, dotSquared will give you an idea of the time this may take and the price per hour for your updates (this price is reduced from standard non-maintenance update rates). You’re billed quarterly for your agreed hours whether you use them or not, the agreed hours can be adjusted at any stage. Should you need further work which takes you over your agreed hours – you’ll be notified in advance. Interested? Contact dotSquared.

clients include

dotSquared currently maintain a variety of web sites on a regular basis for clients including;

The ShowRoom Chichester –,

New Steine Hotel –,

Gulliver’s Hotel –,

Timberline Exotic Hardwoods –,

Marc Fish Furniture Design –