search engine optimisation (SEO)

The internet is saturated with web sites vying for you the user’s attention making search engine optimisation crucial to your business’ online success. dotSquared keep-up with the constantly evolving technologies and algorithms of search engines with the aim of designing web sites that are optimised when released live. This could be achieved in the layout, keywording, metadata or by using many other tips we’ve picked up along the way.

We also offer advice and updates to your current site to improve your optimisation. This could initially involve advice on rewriting the copy and then ideas for regular updates from thereon in. A regularly updated site tells search engines it’s an active site.

case study

Timberline ( is a long established company supplying the craftsman and woodworker with exotic hardwoods for many years. dotSquared first began working with Timberline in 2006 when the proprietor approached Vanessa for advice on his company’s web site. The site was far out-dated still using archaic frames for its layout which meant the content – what Timberline does – could not be reached by search engines – disaster! dotSquared moved the site out of frames quickly and then proceeded to reorganise the vast content and optimise throughout. Google’s very reliable statistical data shows the results are clear – Timberline’s unique visitors has doubled from 60 to 120 per day and the business is booming.
Update: that was in 2007/2008. Timberline now has daily visitors over 800! This is due to business growth which is partly due to a logical, optimised web site

If you would like help to improve your company web site’s visibility please contact dotSquared for more information.