dotSquared develop web sites using semantic code – HTML that is clean, fast-loading and accessible to all users no matter what their system set-up. It enables web sites to render well across most popular browsers and search engines to analyse content effectively. Semantic code uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make web sites look good but without cluttering up the code; with a little CSS virtually anything is possible.

dotSquared is also a keen user of WordPress, a web publishing platform free for all to use which has many hundreds of plugins, themes and developers add-ons keeping WordPress bang up-to-date with latest online developments.

dotSquared develop web sites to work well across all platforms from a smartphone to large desktop.When specifically required, alternative designs present on differing platforms.

compliancy and accessibility

Valid HTML and CSS enable web sites to be compliant to web accessibility standards devised by the WAI and Section 508. See dotSquared web design accessibility notes here.

appeal and useability

Put aside clean code and accessible sites, that’s our problem, your web site also needs to communicate a message effectively, be simple to navigate and, of course, be easy on the eye. dotSquared listen, respond and respond again – the content needs work from both sides, the layout and design can be written in stone or left to grow organically – often arriving at the same place. If you’d like to talk further about a new design or revamping an out-dated image contact dotSquared now. Check out our recent projects.

dotSquared don’t do

frames, tables, endless scrolling, essays, slow downloads, clutter, waffle…

We also…

Convert PSD to HTML and CSS.