dotSquared is run by Vanessa Eley who has over 14 years experience in the web production industry and many more in editorial photography.

why chose dotSquared to build or improve your web site?

dotSquared is a small friendly company with an aim to meet the clients’ needs with as little fuss as possible. No webby jargon, no add-on fees, no delays, no stuff and nonsense. Your needs may be a simple online presence to shout about your guest house or a full-on, whizz-bang, applications-galore web site for your customers to get the most from your business.

Getting the text, images and technology just right is harder than it looks. The wrong message can drive your customers elsewhere – and quickly too; most readers make a decision on if they are in the right place within seconds of viewing a site. So if you’re still reading this than we’ve got something right. dotSquared have the experience to get it right.
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dotSquared has a wide range of skills from web design and development, writing web copy, photography, graphics, SEO and creative consultancy but often dip into a pool of talented freelancers when outside help is needed to get the job done.


Should you be interested in working with dotSquared on future projects please send your CV and a brief description of your work with examples to

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