It seems I share my birthday with Brian Aldridge!

For those of you who have no idea who that is – you’re missing out. The Archers has been running on BBC Radio 4 since 1950. It began as an educational programme post World War II to help farmers feed the nation after years of rationing.

The Archers lost its educational purpose in 1972 but still tries to follow rural developments closely. It brands itself now as ‘contemporary drama in a rural setting’.
I personally feel it’s a work of ongoing genius! The characters are so well developed, many of the actors have been working on the series for many years and it handles topical stories with true BBC care!

“perhaps a small piece, I’m still feeling very full after that magnificent lunch”

Brian Aldridge after being offered birthday cake by his wife, Jennifer.

You can read more about my birthday companion Brian Aldridge here –¬†

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