Mischief Theatre formed in 2008 by LAMDRA theatre students who produced improvisation shows until in 2012 writing their fully scripted first play – The Murder before Christmas. This became The Play that Goes Wrong the following year and went on to a sell-out tour. It has been running in the West End since 2014 and now plays in every continent of the world except Antarctica!

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery began in 2016 and is packing theatres throughout the UK tour 2018/19 tour.

I’ve been lucky enough to see both plays, slightly preferring The Comedy about a bank Robbery for it’s endless slapstick, slick actors and fast paced dialogue, it leaves you gasping for air as the gags roll around. Characters with names such as Robin Threeboys result in expected humour but here it takes it up a notch, wringing out every last drop of discourse possible.

Both shows are extended until 2019, you’ll find them somewhere near you I’m sure. DON’T miss out!