latest news and recent projects

dotSquared have the pleasure of working with a huge variety of clients whilst learning a little about each business as it goes. Here are a few of the latest new web sites developed.

Marc Fish is a unique, bespoke furniture designer-maker based in East Sussex. He creates spectacular pieces for clients around the world and has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, London and Mexico. His web site not only showcases his work beautifully but also covers the vast array of info about his teaching facility.

The New Steine Hotel is a boutique hotel based in Brighton that had an outdated web site. dotSquared revamped it and moved it to a new platform(WordPress) to enable future proof updates, more functionality, great SEO and social networking. The new site is stunning!

Vivienne Blakey is an established photographer who earned a reputation for taking evocative images of local landscapes following exhibitions in 2010 and 2011. As a result of this success she has been engaged in commissioned work for the last 3 years. Complete new web site using wordPress platform and including e-com.

Wills Furniture is run by Matthew Wills, and specialises in the design and making of fine bespoke furniture. The company is based in NW London and undertakes projects across the UK. A showcase for matthew’s brillant work

The Down Syndrome Development Trust is a relatively new venture by Sensay Smallwood who seemingly has boundless energy! She works tirelessly to improve education and facilities around Down Syndrome children and adults and needed a web site equally bright, energetic and enthusiastic. dotSquared hope to have achieved that.

Jane Crittenden – Freelance Journalist and Writer needed a new layout and presentation for her current projects and an easily accessible archive of past work. We worked together to ensure Jane was able to confidently update the web site at any stage.

London based furniture designer Duncan White approached dotSquared for a complete service: domain management, hosting, logo and branding and web development. The new site uses WordPress to provide Duncan with a means to keeping his site and clients up-to-date in-house easily.

The ShowRoom is the University of Chichester’s premier performance venue located at the centre of the Bishop Otter campus. It showcases some of the best dance and performance talent from the UK and overseas. dotSquared initially designed the site in 2009 and updates it every season with new events and ideas.

“Looks fanstastic; thank you and well done!”

Woven Oak are a dynamic duo based in Lewes who create the most wondrous fabrics to construct from. It has been a plesure creating their site and a joy to see a young company fly with the site’s backing.

Ouse Valley Quilters revamped their web site with dotSquared in 2008 and promptly gained an extra 20 members. They have recently had to open a waiting list to new members and have also had their web site updated once again (in late 2013) to encompass up-to-date techniques and use email collation, news updates and make in-house updates effortless.

Other web sites by dotSquared include:

Charlotte Shorthouse – Redevelopment

Revamp of a previous dotSquared design from 5 years ago to bring it up-to-date.

“It has been a genuine pleasure working with dotSquared! I have been impressed with Vanessa’s patience and professionalism and I am delighted with the look of the site.”

Eagle’s Wing – Independent site

A new stand alone site for Eagle’s Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism.

Copper Sink Plumbing – Plumber’s once-over

A matter-of-fact site for a plumber to showcase his work and reassure clients via Testimonials.

Wing Mirror Socks – e-commerce

Fast turn around of a simple WordPress e-commerce site ready for 2012 Olympics.

Valerian Designs – e-com flexibility

An easy to search knitting patterns site for Valerian Designs.

Langley Dam – Joomla set-up

New shop window for Langley Dam Fishery, populated and managed in-house

moWoza – WordPress Development

moWoza – Mobile Running – Entrepreneur Suzana Moreira’s fascinating development for African communities. moWoza offer a simple-to-use mobile commerce service; conveniently and efficiently giving informal cross-border traders instant access to products and services.

Skills & Projects – Accesible forms

dotSquared developed HTML & CSS valid + WAI accessible forms for Skills & Projects to use in gathering feedback from housing association tenants.

Linda Turner – New web site

New compact brochure site for a very talented textile designer and artist; Linda Turner

Chelsea School – Site overhaul

dotSquared gave Chelsea School’s web site a mini facelift whilst adhering to the guidelines set out by The University of Brighton.

RS Physio – New brochure site

New brochure site for chartered physiotherapist and master biomechanics coach based in Nottingham.

Chris Funnell Furniture Designer-Maker – New brochure site

Chris Funnell has over 20 years experience as a cabinet maker and, after further designer/maker courses, was at a stage in his career where he needed a web site to display his growing repertoire of skills in furniture design and production.

Rani Louise – WordPress Template

Rani Louise is a Nutritional Therapy Practioner who needed a new template for her thriving WordPress site.

Agora Chartered Architects

Landing page with flash elements for Agora CA.

Cake New Business – revamped web site

Cake’s web site needed freshening-up; new designs implemented. Also added Calls for Action throughout, social networking links and a collaborative blog.

Lea Seigen Shinraku – beautiful brochure site

Lea Seigen Shinraku is a therapist based in San Francisco whose simple brochure site needed to be as unique as her evolved therapy of ‘self-compassion’. It’s a visually warm and rich web site using imagery that is specific to Lea’s background, beliefs and pratices.

broc – creative web presence with online booking

broc – Beautifully Reconstructed Original Clothing is the brainchild of Gail Whitney, artist and designer. Gail has developed broc to teach sewing techniques, sell her own unique designs and enable clients to rethink their wardrobes.

Craftstone of Sussex – portfolio site redesign

Craftstone of Sussex source some of the most beautiful and original, often handmade, fireplaces in the UK.

Impact Art – stunning web site redesign

Impact Art is an arts and built environment consultancy who work on multi-million pound investments to achieve incredibly beautiful results.

Marcia Michael – new web site

To showcase Marcia Michael’s truly unique photography she needed a site with a difference. dotSquared worked closely with Marcia to produce something interesting yet capable of displaying clear image-based narratives. Based in London Marcia is a photographer, poet, bookbinder and paper-maker. Her work has been published in many magazines including Face, Tank and Trace.

Saint Columba’s House – launch new web site

A new brand identity and web site were needed for Saint Columba’s House a retreat and conference centre based in Surrey. Its old site was looking very outdated and the building had recently had a revamp. Designs by Lewes based company 48Fitzroy were used by dotSquared to make the front end templates. The bespoke CMS was developed and bolted on by software developer Alex Farran.
The teams used project management solution Unfuddle to track each company’s progress and enable the client automatic, regular feedback.

Timberline – increasing numbers rapidly

Timberline’s web site was launched 6 months ago and its statistics collated by Google provide an interesting insight into the success of a carefully thought-out web site. Initially gaining 60+ visitors per day, the site can now boast over 120 visitors per day. The stats. provide dotSquared with enough information to be able to make the changes necessary throughout the site via search engine optimisation techniques, so far, so good. If you’re interested in SEO and/or a maintenance package to keep your web site responding to its statistical data contact dotSquared now.